DynaEnergetics’ New DS Gravity™ and DS LoneStar™ Perforating Systems Enable Innovative Completion Applications in Unconventional Oil and Gas Wells


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Systems Address Growing Demand for Compact, Oriented Perforating Solutions,and Large, Ultra-Uniform Entry-Hole Diameters


HOUSTON – November 17, 2020 – DynaEnergetics, a business of DMC Global Inc. (Nasdaq: BOOM), today announced the addition of DS Gravity™ and DS LoneStar™ to its family of Factory-Assembled, Performance-Assured™ perforating systems for use in unconventional oil and gas well completions.


DS Gravity is a compact, self-orienting system that enables the alignment of shaped charges in a predetermined direction within the wellbore. An internal mechanism allows the charges to rotate freely around a center axis. When the system reaches the desired location in the well, gravitational force ensures orientation of the charges, regardless of external factors such as well debris. The patent-pending system can be configured with a single charge oriented at either zero degrees (straight up) or 180 degrees (straight down); or with two charges set at zero and 180 degrees.


DS Gravity is delivered to the wellsite fully assembled and does not require specially trained personnel to perform set-up, calibration, alignment or downhole manipulation. The system features a sub-less, unibody design that reduces potential failure points and simplifies assembly of the perforating string. The product is designed for use in 5-inch to 5.5-inch casing.


At less than seven inches in length, DS Gravity is one of the most compact perforating systems in the industry, which allows for deployment of more systems per stage. It is customizable with DynaEnergetics’ uniform entry-hole performance charges, which deliver hole diameters ranging from 0.25 inches to 0.35 inches. Like all DS™ systems, it is controlled by DynaEnergetics’ wireless IS2™ Intrinsically Safe™ initiating system, which is installed at the wellsite in seconds.


DS LoneStar is a compact perforating system equipped with a single 30-gram, deep-penetrating (DP) charge – the largest and most powerful shaped charge available for unconventional well completions. The system delivers large, consistent entry hole diameters that enable greater area open to flow (AOF) and increased target penetration. It is available in both externally oriented and standard models, and also features a sub-less, unibody design. It is the most compact single-shot system available for unconventional well applications, allowing for tighter spacing and more systems per stage.


DS LoneStar can be configured with one of five of DynaEnergetics’ 30-gram DP charges, which provide ultra-uniform entry hole diameters ranging from 0.40 inches to 0.60 inches with a standard deviation of 3%. The charges deliver more than 30% more explosive power than standard charges and can achieve penetrations typically only available from large-diameter casing gun systems.


“There is growing demand for perforating solutions that enable precise targeting of the preferred fracture plane, and also deliver highly uniform entry holes,” said Ian Grieves, president of DynaEnergetics. “DS Gravity and DS LoneStar address these objectives, and give completions engineers a new level of flexibility when designing their wells.


“The simplicity of the DS Gravity system means service companies no longer have to purchase special hardware or train field engineers to perform the complex setup and deployment processes associated with traditional oriented perforating systems. The DS LoneStar system is ideal for limited entry perforating and addresses the growing demand for a compact, single-shot system that delivers large and highly consistent entry holes.


“These products are part of DynaEnergetics’ expanding portfolio of DS Factory-Assembled, Performance-Assured perforating systems, which have significantly improved the safety, reliability and performance of unconventional wellcompletions. All of our DS products can be customized with our performance charges, and then delivered just-in-time to the customers’ wellsite.”


About DynaEnergetics

DynaEnergetics’ innovative perforating systems make a measurable impact on well productivity, completion cost and safety. As the only global perforating manufacturer that designs, manufactures and qualifies all of its equipment and accessories in-house, DynaEnergetics ensures unmatched performance and the lowest total cost of operations. For more information, visit www.dynaenergetics.com.


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